Before I became a lawyer in the state of Virginia, I had to take an oath of fidelity to the Commonwealth, pledge my honest demeanor as an attorney, and commit to do my very best as a lawyer. But I had to promise something else. Something more.

You see, my parents were there for the ceremony when I became a Virginia counselor, along with my fiancé (now many years my wife). As we waited for the ceremonial session of the Court to begin, my Dad shared his first experience with a lawyer. Dad had mustered out of active duty in the Navy in the Pacific in 1946, and my folks came back to Richmond. Soon, they were headed to a law office on Main Street to sign their first wills and close on their first house, all on the same day. Dad said the lawyer, Judge Brockenbrough, took all the time he needed to explain these complex steps, and answered their every question, like a patient father to his children. He said the attorney treated them like they were his most important clients. His only clients.

And then Dad looked right at me, and quietly said, “And you need to do that, too.”

My dad’s gone now, but I guess you could say I answer to a higher authority. Of course, my father’s standard, like that of the Virginia State Bar, is aspirational. But I can honestly say The Nance Law Firm aims to reach that high standard every day in everything we do.

Welcome to our Richmond estate planning law firm. We look forward to serving you in that spirit.

Attorney Charles Nance