How to Preserve Family Wealth and Relationships While Avoiding the Mistakes That Run Up Needless Expenses and Rip Families Apart

Avoid Mistakes That Can Cause Unnecessary Losses from Probate, Taxes, and Legal Fees

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In this training you will learn ...

  • How my clients avoid mistakes that most people make and protect their life’s work from loss to ruinous taxation and legal fees
  • How poor planning can put family members at each other’s throats, battling over the scraps that remain from a pillaged estate
  • Why “having a will” could be the worst way to plan for your family, and does not prevent the costs, delays or red tape of probate court … sometimes forcing families to wait years for what remains of the inheritance you had planned for them
  • How my clients protect their estates from irresponsible in-laws or other family members — crafting a legal fortress against any attacks, even those they never saw coming
  • Why the mistake of “trusting my family to do the right thing” is unreliable and unfair — and can be a virtual time bomb of financial loss and irreparable fallout in family relationships
  • Why “naming beneficiaries to everything” may be a woefully inadequate strategy for many people, leading to chaos, anxiety, and debilitating expenses for heirs
  • How families can still protect against unforeseen losses, even if you think it’s too late to plan due to serious illness or mental incapacity
  • How to have peace of mind knowing you and your family are prepared for life’s inevitable challenges … especially during these uncertain times

And Finally …

  • How to ensure that your family members will be treated the way you want after you’re gone, preventing unnecessary losses and disputes — leaving instead a legacy of love, attention to detail, and responsibility

Charles Nance
Attorney at Law

Charles Nance is the principal attorney at The Nance Law Firm in Richmond, VA. His practice focuses on protecting Virginia families from legal and financial disaster with the wise transfer of family wealth, choice of guardians for young children, and trust and estate planning.

Because You Care About How You'll Be Remembered And Want Your Family To Get Along After You're Gone.

John says:
Charles Nance is a good listener and puts clients interest first. Very knowledgeable in Estate planning matters and will help people find the best plan to meet their situation.
Diana says:
Used Charlie for my husband’s Living Trust work! Thorough, efficient and reasonably priced. Can’t beat that threesome for legal work.
Mark says:
Charlie helped me with a complex probate matter that we were able to successfully close out with great results - THANKS!! I unconditionally endorse Charlie.
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